The rise of Expert Cultures…

I am going to share more details and thinking of the cloud calculator on my Linkedin post this week. I will share a link to it tomorrow. The concept of the calculator is simple, remove the expert culture bias, but also help the organization filter through marketing to get the answers that are viable and valuable for them. I think that companies often struggle because of the reality of expert culturalism. Yes, I may up the world, just like the other word I made up a few years ago #Ilackasourcism, you can add #expertculturalism.

The rule of course for making up works is they have to be used in multiple published sources. So my blog doesn’t count as multiple published sources. I think over time they both will catch on though. The first because that is one of the worst ways to argue ever. If someone hands you a source, and you continue arguing without a source, shame on you! The expert culture issue is one I have seen grow in IT over the years. It becomes an issue when it impedes progress.

One of the problems with #expertculturalism is the analysis paralysis it creates. Movement is slowed to a crawl as the experts line up to debate the placement of commas and the reality of other punctuation. It takes a really strong leader to cut through the issue. The real problem with an #expertculturalism issue in your organization is that over time you reduce the input of new and young employees, they are part of the culture, they are part of the outside. You create a reality where young ideas flow away from your organization. You also are trapped in the vision of the experts. Over time this will pass, but for now it is all over cloud computing solutions.


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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