My February 2018 Calendar is filling Up….

Thursday, February 08, 2018

It is 3:33 am, on a Thursday morning. I didn’t realize it was this late, or early in the morning, depending on your perspective. I decided to go to bed. I woke up at noon and ate my brunch, but Gumby remained lounging on my bed. After I finished eating, I put his food into his bowl, and I went upstairs to bring him downstairs. He ate a little bit and went back upstairs.

I turned on the computer to notice February’s holidays listed in my IMVU inbox:  Lunar New Year’s 2018 Year of the Dog on February 12th, Valentine’s Day or Singles Appreciation Day on February 14th, iPhone Challenge, share Valentine’s Photos, Anti-Valentine’s Day, and Mardi Gras Carnaval Contest.

In real life, my calendar is filled up with activities, even though I am not sure I will make it to all of the events. I have some photography meetups, although I might be on the waiting list for 2 photography meetups. I have a walking meetup and photography meetup on the same evening, back to back on this Friday, but I am not sure I can make it to the 2nd one on time. I might be a little late, or I might choose to go to one of the meetups. UC Irvine is having their Vendor Week next week as well as Lunar New Year Street Festival on next Monday. On Monday, I will leave early from the UCI street festival to make it for the photography meetup at 7 pm. Next Tuesday, there are three activities going on, but I have to choose between walking meetup up or photography meetup. And, I have three more walking meetups and two more photography meetups for the rest of the month. Mardis Gras is on February 13th, which is a Tuesday, but I don’t think my area celebrates it anyway, unless UCI is doing something for the students’ activities. I either have too much activities scheduled for one day, or nothing is going on a particular day; I need to decide which one I prefer to go to, or at least which one I will benefit more from.

I was checking my gmail, and I got a message from Chase stating that I enrolled in paperless, in which I never did. So, I called a contact 1-800 number to tell them that I never asked for paperless. The girl seemed stupid but what else is new so I just went with the flow and asked her to show me where to do it on the Chase website. I hope now that I finally unchecked paperless they will actually send me the paper documents and statements in the mail.

At 5:30 pm, which is still light outside, I decided to drive to the Canon building for a photography meetup about ETTL. I have my late mother’s Canon EOS 650 camera with huge zoom lens. It is probably an older camera, but so is my Minolta 5000 with 50MM lens, in which I bought in 1987 with my college graduation money. I want to try out the Canon camera for Monday’s Lunar New Year Street Festival at UCI. I hope it still works.

At 9 pm, I returned home and ate some popcorn. I think I will go to the Canon camera workshop even though my mother’s Canon camera is old. I googled it, and I found out it is as old as my Minolta 5000. Both were introduced in 1987. I googled the Canon EOS 650 camera manual, and I downloaded it on Adobe Acrobat, after updating the Adobe Acrobat on my computer. Someone at the Canon meetup said he will give me his old manual, if he can find his and if I see him again. Anyway, I downloaded a copy on my desktop, just in case I need to look up anything about the camera.

I added an old postcard for an art reception at the Spectrum Center art gallery because it has a romantic, Valentine’s Day them from a painting of a Paris scene.

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