Organizing My Schedule for Time Management

Today was my errands day. I went to Michaels to buy pages because I needed to do four pages, redraw two pages and book covers. Then, I stopped at Ace Hardware to see what I can find to fix my Versalite folding arm chair. I bought two small basic items. Then, I came home to make icy drinks because I was hot and thirsty. I made a 12 oz cup of icy limeade and another 12 oz cup of icy chocolate drink. They were both refreshing. Then, I realized I need to clean this week, mostly the kitchen and my master bedroom, as well as the bathroom and laundry.

I went to a walking meetup at 6:30 pm, before meeting at The Habit restaurant. But I also dropped by in Albertsons to look for something, before going to Starbucks to try their Cold Foam Cold Brew coffee, which was good. I met the rest at The Habit, and most had finished their food. Then, I came home and realized that I need to clean my place this week as well as reorganize certain areas. I keep forgetting to do certain things. I need to create a schedule to help me organize my time, maybe a time management schedule.

Organizing my schedule requires first to write out a to-do list. Then, create a time management schedule to organize each task on the to-do list. It should lead to productivity, maintenance, cleaner home, and more organized place.


What do you think?