My new Technology Review Columns and the rules for them!

There are a few low tech things that I enjoy. Most of what I love is around technology though. my love of technology stretching back as far as I could remember. I won’t go wander into that good night again rather today I am talking about upcoming changes.

1. I am going back to doing technology reviews. I have not done technology reviews in a long time. I did, once upon a time focus on them and share them on my WordPress blog. But I haven’t in a long time.

2. I do restaurant reviews (Yelp) and movie reviews (here on Virily).

3. I am going to start posting music trivia here on Virily.

I did for a long time share Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects I was excited about. I haven’t found as many projects lately so most of this will be existing technology reviews. One of the primary reasons for the technology reviews is the number of emails I get from people I’ve known a long time asking for help, guidance, and recommendations.

My technology reviews will follow a similar pattern to my movie reviews, but I will add a few more variables and they will be on a scale of 1-10.

My rules are simple and listed below:

  1. I have to own or have recently owned the product
  2. I did not receive the product for free or as a promotion
  3. At no time am I working for the company that makes the product?
  4. Good and bad customer service experiences will modify the final score.

The first couple of reviews will be straight forward. The products to start my review cycle will be an iPhone. After that, we will go to whatever technology interests me at the time, or whatever readers ask for reviews of that interests them!

Thanks for reading, watch for my new Technology Review Columns starting tomorrow!


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