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A Jetsons live action television pilot ordered by A B C Television

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This news report that I read on Thursday on the internet was shocking to learn that the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) has ordered a live action pilot of the Hanna Barbera cartoons series “The Jetsons”.

The Jetsons is one my favorite cartoon series since I enjoyed George Jetson famous punchline “Ooba dooba dooba” when he got excited or his boss at Spacely Sprockets the honorable Cosmo Spacely yelling “Jetson! You’re fired!”

I have always wondered why do the television networks try to revive classic cartoons that have not exactly been on television for a long period of time like The Jetsons who has had runs on television on ABC from 1963-1964 and syndication in 1985.

The Jetsons did make two animated motion pictures in 1990 when The Jetsons Met The Flinstones which was a very good cartoon movie and the recent animated movie called “The Jetsons & W W E: Robo-Wrestlemania” which comes out in 2017.

What has chills down my spine is that writer Gary Janetti of “Family Guy” and “Will And Grace” will be writing the scripts for the updated “Jetsons” pilot on ABC.

Robert Zemeckis and Jack Rapke will produce the show. I just hope these wise men try to keep the television series close to the original series with good jokes and great stories of a family who lived in the future but their show contained good old fashioned stories and humor. Especially with the feud between George Jetson who despised his daughter Judy Jetson enjoying the music of Jet Screamer the rock and roll artist.

Maybe Uniblab the robot will return to the television series but then again I am wishing that Wordgirl would be rebooted either on the internet or cable television.

The show is currently in the planning stages at this time.


What do you think?

Written by Deepizzaguy

Satire writer, loves WordGirl cartoons, baseball fan and an old school hero fan.


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  1. Used to watch it in the late 60’s when Malaysia first introduce television. I remember being intrigued by the modern gadget. I guess that prompted me to become an engineer. Later, when it was re-aired again in the States, I would scheduled my classes so that I could watch it again. When people asked me why I chose engineering as a career(it wasn’t common for women to be an engineer in the late 80’s), I always credited The Jetsons and McGyver as inspirations. Would love to see it again sometime in the future…?

  2. Fifi I agree with you since the writers of the shows today in the name of liberty makes sexual jokes and such crude language it makes me cringe. Especially when it aimed toward children. At least my Wordgirl fan fictions are based on my life experiences and not the work of the enemy of God.

  3. Yeah, I used to watch this cartoon when I was a kid, too. It was a fun cartoon. But now as I think about the cartoon more as well as I know more information, this cartoon was all about the NWO. Jetson worked as a slave for his boss, and he was always miserable. There were minimum people and animals in that area, outer space or wherever they lived, which indicates Depopulation Agenda has already taken place. But at least they didn’t display microchipping, which probably would have scared every kid in America.
    I remember Rosie the Robot, which reminded of that really old black and white sitcom, Hazel. They did have a treadmill, which has been popular since the 80s.And their treadmill was used outside to walk Astro. They should make a real movie with real people, but they probably won’t pull it off because tv/movie writers nowadays really suck.

    • I saw a video on You Tube yesterday and I was shocked that Ted Turner is one of those rich people who believe in Depopulation Agenda. I get your point since a lot of the studios in Hollywood are not God fearing entertainers.

      • yeah, i have known that for a long time. they are all zionists, trying to make a lot of money off the people promoting twisted stuff. zionists are athiests, regardless which religion the use and claim to be because of ancestors.

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