Hi, your box took a detour for spring break in Cozumel…

I got an email the other day, and I guess it was normal, but I stopped for a second. Look it wasn’t a negative or a bad email. It was one that I get from time to time. UPS is telling me that I had a package coming. With the reality of porch pirates a growing problem, UPS, USPS and FedEx, DHL and so on are working to reduce the number and incidence of porch pirates. A porch pirate is someone that waits for the delivery truck to leave, casually walks up the porch and steals your box. The hilarious thing for me is they often do so, even with a clear camera on the porch, they, the thief still takes the box.

But this is not a why do people behave poorly post. It is a wow, I just realized that cool tech was floating past my inbox and I hadn’t even noticed. At this point, it is interesting to me the technology that package companies have created to empower the box in transit. I can’t wait for the next generation notification system where my box will send me pictures as it travels from where it starts to where I am. (Hi, I am in Memphis now, heading your way!) I just flew over Indianapolis Indiana, should I drop in and see your family?

Sometimes technology passes us by, and we don’t even notice. Or, in my case, you realize long after the fact. It is important to remember to stop and look around from time to time. I wonder if the next thing for our convenience will be the garbage people sending a text when they enter our neighborhood. Or perhaps an email from your garbage when it reaches the landfill. Or perhaps an email from the team is saying “you don’t recycle enough.” Or “you made brownies, please leave some for the garbage team next time!” I am being a snot, but the reality is such communication isn’t impossible. The value for most people is that they can quickly run out and put the trash by the curb on those day’s they forgot!

PS. Your box says hi!


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  1. Damn. My credit card company cannot even get my complaint right — and I explained it in simple words in two languages. I saw my monthly statement bears the name of a stranger while the rest of the info and bills are mine. I only requested them to change the billing address into my name so the post office can deliver it to me. Guess what they did? They emailed me the statement that belongs to that person instead ???


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