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One of the things I often try to do is look beyond the edge of today. To look just ahead and see what is there, but then to stretch that vision even further, to see what is the art of the possible and beyond. To that end, I spend a lot of time looking at Crowdfunded projects.  I am a superbacker on both Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Although based on the failure rate of Indiegogo I have different rules for IG than KS. I do back on demand projects on Indiegogo only, due to the failure rate.

The trending that I’ve seen goes as such. Three years ago 360-degree camera exploded. They became more and more Relevant over the last 12 months as the first ones began to appear. Those first cameras made for some interesting conversations on my blog and with various people around. Personally, I have considered some solutions in the space and find that there are still features yet to come. This world is continuing to evolve.

Another area that I find trending now is the growing reality of VR/AR. With the recent release of the Star Wars saga The Last Jedi, Google threw out the AR capabilities of the Pixel2 cameras with their Star Wars AR Stickers. The same is true for Apple and other phone makers. AR and VR have arrived, but the technology and the future are still something that will continue to evolve. What I find interesting is that AR/VR realities have mostly moved away from Crowdfunding. It can be very expensive to create AR and VR content.


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