What are the 10 things you must have in your suitcase

If, and by if I am asking, what are the ten devices you need to have with you? For example, if you had asked me ten years ago I would have said extra batteries and extra storage. I also had a portable GPS in my suitcase and a portable XM radio.

Then five years ago I stopped traveling every week. That changed what I packed. In the days I was traveling every week I seldom unpacked the majority of my suitcase. That was stuff I used on the road, not at home. As I slowly weaned myself from constant travel, I began to evaluate. When I did travel, I asked myself what do I need.

Now in fairness, there is a huge difference. First, when you travel every single week, there are things that you will need away from home, that aren’t critical when you visit once or twice a year. That is an important distinction. The other is the evolution of technology over the past ten years. When I had a portable GPS, it was because it took my smartphone 5-10 minutes to lock onto a GPS signal. The portable GPS locked and was ready to roll in less than 2 minutes. The other issue was normally when I landed I had to let home know I was ok, and I needed to call and confirm the location of the meeting. That meant I needed to use the phone right away so not having the GPS would have been difficult. I also carried a portable speaker (I still have that one) for the rental car, so I didn’t have to stress about talking, driving and navigating. I would leave my house in Indiana at 3:30 in the morning. Landing somewhere in the Midwestern US around 9 am and on-site working by 10 in the morning. That happened for 11 years. A few times I drove, which made packing even easier. I could carry more materials in my car because it was my car.

That did get me to have kits in all my cars long before the various auto-safety groups recommended them. I had a battery, blankets, a shovel and other tools in every single one of my cars and because my mother taught me, a first aid kit in all three cars.

Now when I travel, for the most part, I am carrying different things. Mostly because the larger trips I take now are with my family. So now I carry cameras and a computer to transfer the pictures to and of course to blog. But, I don’t carry as much technology as I used to years ago.

The balancing act is interesting, and one that would be very different today. I would most likely carry my iPad, cellular phone, and laptop. But, back in the day, I carried a laptop that was between 9 and 10 pounds. Now the entire weight of all three is less than 8 pounds. Add to 1 pound GPS and the cellular phone from back in the day and I am carrying between3 and 4 pounds less. I don’t have all the batteries I used to carry, don’t need them as much as I did.

All of that leading me back to my original question. What are the ten five devices you have to have with you?

  1. Cellular phone
  2. Charging cable
  3. Tablet
  4. Laptop
  5. Speaker

I would probably not carry much more, although I might pending the length of the flight carry an extended life battery. There is something about landing with cellular battery at 10% that makes me nervous. But I realized ½ way through this article I would only carry five devices now. I guess things have changed a lot!


What do you think?


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