Within me lies partly a fan of the University of Iowa Hawkeyes

Within me lies partly a fan of the University of Iowa Hawkeyes football program. In my eyes, the Hawkeyes are a team just clawing near that elite status when it comes to college football in the Big Ten conference. And I can never start off a college football season without blaring and singing the Iowa Hawkeyes fight song which pumps me up for every upcoming season. Their 55-24 beat down on the Ohio State Buckeyes in 2017, as well as their 2019 Holiday Bowl victory over the University of Southern California Trojans are proof this team is no slouch! Both are two of my memorable victories by the Hawkeyes. But how this team did not go undefeated in 2019, I will never understand, but I would hope in 2020 they play with the same chip on their shoulder as they do against their non-conference opponents. 

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Written by Thomas Gouard

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  1. I’m surprised that Iowa lost to Wisconsin and Michigan last season because their talent was pretty much equal last year. The thing that I’ve noticed about Iowa is that if they are not able to out-tough a team, then they lose. It’s never dependent on the record of the other team. It’s all about the trenches with Iowa, which is why they have smoked Illinois and Northwestern for the past decade.


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