Due to covid-19, Rutgers set as Illinois season opener

With the Big Ten Conference only doing conference schedules this season due to covid-19, it puts Rutgers Scarlet Knights first on the 2020 Illinois Fighting Illini schedule. It would be even sweeter if it were happening sooner as in August or September versus October 3rd which is seventy-five days from now.

From my view as an Illini fan, the one game that the Illinois Fighting Illini should not take lightly is a game against Rutgers Scarlet Knights. And with it being the first game of the season for the Fighting Illini it is an easy gauge on how the season will go.

Predicting that Rutgers Scarlet Knights will lose to the Ohio State Buckeyes in their season opener, the Scarlet Knights could either come motivated to win against the Fighting Illini, or defeated after the loss against the Buckeyes.

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Written by Thomas Gouard

Im a military veteran; a full-time college student, and a fitness addict. Fueled by inspiration; God's word; endorphins and laughter!


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      • i suspect you are overly biased on that one.

        I can see IU going 4-5 in its first 9.

        Illinois has too many holes they are not going to do well this year.

        The offense takes a quarterback that I don’t see on the roster.

          • 4 stars – you know that Indiana has three 4 star quarterbacks. Doesn’t mean anything.

            Predictions of high school to college 90% of the time aren’t reality.

            The number one high school kid (Justin Fields) didn’t start til he transferred to Ohio State.

        • Well they better picked it up with their three 4-star quarterbacks. Having quarterbacks are one thing, but when you have no receivers or solid lineman which Indiana doesn’t have those quarterbacks will lose every time. That program over there at IU needs to follow Purdue, who owns IU every season.

          • Purdue is the only team IU has a losing record against in Basketball, but IU owns the Big Ten with 5 NCAA titles overall.

            IU beat Purdue last year but it wasn’t easy.

            According to the analysts, IU has the second-best defense returning in the B10 so we shall see. Tom Allen (our coach) is a great defensive mind.

            as for the quarterbacks – IU had more pro quarterbacks overall if you go back over the last 30 years.

        • I’ll be curious to see this defense. Sucks that they will only be playing conference games because I was looking forward to Ohio State going out to Oregon to play the Ducks. Now that would have been interesting because Oregon is fresh at the start of the season, then eventually goes to sh*t, lol.


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