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You never know what you will see…

While taking a drive in near Hemet California, you never know what you will see. 

Here are some quick snaps I took along the way. 

#1 Mustard

Yellow mustard flowers, a whole field of them! 

#2 A few images I put together.

Love the rolling hills in this part of So Cal. 

#3 Hills

and mustard. It's pretty wide open out here..

#4 Roof needs work

What a cute little house and property. This was before we had laws that required you to build big. At one time you could build a small house and live in it. Times are changing with the new tiny house movement though, why do we need such big houses anyway? In California they go by county to county, some let you have a small house, others have size limit requirements. A lot of small houses are not permitted in a lot of counties here in California, and the owners have to tear them down if they don't meet the size requirements. In San Diego County the minimum size requirement is 350 feet. Although they did just pass a Granny Flat law, you can now have a small house if you have enough room in your yard. It's pricey though, the permits are super high priced, and you have to get several. You even have to file a permit to file a permit. Seriously.. 

    • Money, is all. I wanted to build one a few years back for my desert property. They told me if they let people build small, what would happen to the median house prices. They’d fall. I replied with, “Well that needs to happen!”

  1. Well, all I have to say is that I certainly hope that none of these types of residential laws ever come here in Canada. At least I do not think we have of this here. I hope so.

#5 The cowboy

Seems he lost his horse.. 

#6 Hills

With huge granite boulders. 

#7 I mentioned, you never know what you will see..

This was an RV. Just barely pulled off the road.. 

#8 If objects could tell a story

Poor people, imagine driving down the road, and you smell smoke. 

These go up in flames so quick, I can almost feel the terror and pain they must of felt. It looks like they lived in it, not just took vacations in this. 

#9 Little House on the Prairie.

I could live here.. fix that roof.

 I had to get one more of this house. I can see horses, cows, fresh veggies, flowers, chickens... of times past..

I hope you liked this little drive in the countryside. 

Have a great day!  

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  1. Very nice drive along the countryside with stops along the way, no less. And all that sunshine and aridity. I think I just might get used to this type of weather just as long as it does not get humid like it does here in the Outaouais valley.

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