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When you don’t have four seasons…

Some say they could never live in a place where there are not four seasons. The beauty of the seasons changing from spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

I have lived in both climates. I lived in Arkansas for 22 years, and we had four seasons. I liked it, but I really do not like winters and snow. I was born and raised in Southern California, and have spent 25 years here, which is where I currently live. On average our temperature is 70 degrees Fahrenheit. I really prefer living without the four seasons. I like to think we get three seasons. Spring, Summer, and Autumn.

If you do live where there is not the typical four seasons, there is still Autumn, and the changes that come with the shortening days. The Sugar Maple below is in an old abandoned park, and is gorgeous. I took several photos at all different angles. I do miss the changing colors, as you can see we do have fall colors, usually planted and few and far between.

Hope you enjoy, and Happy Autumn!


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Written by Kim_Johnson


  1. I live in a country where we have four seasons and I love it. I am not a fan of summer and hot days. I prefer winter and snow. Also, spring and autumn are wonderful times of the year when everything starts to change, and change is good. Shared on g+ and twitter.

  2. “Come fall, do not go to the jewelery to see gold, go to the park.” – Mehmet Murat IldanAnd for me the seasons are three. Winter is missing. I apologize for visiting late. But I was busy for two days.

  3. Beautiful photographs! The colors of fall/autumn are amazing. I live somewhere that gets all the seasons although spring and fall are very short.
    I, like you, don’t like the winters and snow! Would love 70’s all year round!

    • lol the last winter I lived in Cordova, (suburb of Memphis) was the year we got that ice storm. I have videos of it cracking on the trees as it melted. I will never forget that, but yes I loved the mild winters there. Some years will get ya though.

      • 20 minute? How nice! and that’s very interesting! If I want to see snow in my tropical country, it means having to go to the top of Jayawijaya mountain (Carstensz Pyramide) with 4,884 m height in West Papua Province which is included in world “Seven Summit”, a mountain covered by ice in tropical regions. Must travel at least 4 hours flight to the capital of the province, and more than two weeks to get to the top, if able to climb!

  4. I am blessed to live in India and we have all seasons here. We’ll have winters in coming month and actually i like winters more but i don’t like intense winters.