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The first walk of 2018

We finally got together for a pack walk with my son, daughter in law and her two dogs along with my moms small dog and Meika the wolf dog. After our recent wild fires were finally put out, it took some time for the smoke to clear. I am glad it finally did and so were the dogs! The day was beautiful. 

Here is what the Southern California countryside looks like in January! 

The one below had houses on the bottom of the frame, so I shot above them. I loved the color of this tree. 

The sugar maple is close to loosing all of it’s leaves.

A framed sky.. 

Just a bunch of colored leaves..

The mountains and countryside.

The next few are just different shots of the horizon and countryside. You can see how dry everything is. 

The golden rolling hills of So Cal. 

It was a hazy foggy sky day.

The dogs had a lot of fun, I never got to take a picture of Meika, she was far too busy. Here is Keizer and Lily, they live together and are best buddies. Keizer is a Great Dane and Husky mix, Lily a Doberman Pinscher.

Lily is so good, she realized I was lagging behind and came to check up on me. : )

Here are a few plants that I thought looked pretty in the hazy day. I love the sage. 

And this tiny bloom sure did pop with orange.

I caught back up to everyone finally! I stop a lot to take photos.

The main trail I finally see Penny, Keizer and my daughter in law. 

Someone put flowers on Lily, she wore them proud on the walk home. lol 

All in all everyone had a great walk and the dogs got to run and run! 

Have a great day and thank you for stopping in to look at my little piece of the world.


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Written by Kim_Johnson


    • How did your people fare that live in Oside? It was a bad one, but LA got the brunt of it this year. Our worst one was in 06 I thought we were going to be trapped here, all the freeways going out were closed.

  1. So Cal so cool! Thanks for taking us on that lovely walk with you. January looks great – none of our dirty grey skies. Lily looks so funny with her flowery back 🙂

    • I think so as well Norman, I really love it here. January is one of our best months. Great hiking time, and blue skies, our grey comes in late April and stays until late July.