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Looking back.. to last year at this time!

I remember this day well. 

November, 15, 2016… It was just an ordinary day…That morning we woke up to fog hanging over our little creek in the valley of Oceanside, California. 

The temperatures were going to be in the mid 70’s and a partially cloudy sky. I decided to take the dogs for a walk in the creek, here is the day in pictures. 

I hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping in to look at the water and dogs!

Closer look at the fog.. this is called a Marine Layer. 

Continue reading if you would like to know what a marine layer is, if not skip to the next picture. 

Marine Layer:  I live one mile away from the Pacific Ocean in the northern part of San Diego County in a town called Oceanside. We get this fog often, and it is caused by a cool air mass that develops over the ocean and hits our warm air on land. As the layer of surface temperatures meet and cool, the surface air becomes more dense than the air above it. Fog, Stratus and Stratocumulus clouds form as you see in the photo above. 

Anyway, lets take the dogs out to run and explore the creek below this tree in the valley across from the house. The creek.

Giant Live Oak Trees mixed in with Pussy Willow Trees. I like looking at reflections..

This is untouched, no landscaping done here. Totally natural, just the way I like it. 

Meika is my wolfdog. She is Tundra Wolf, and Black and Tan German Shepherd. She took after her white tundra mom. 

Did I mention that Meika loves the water? Smiles.. Meika photo bomb! 

This is the shot I was really going for, not the Meika butt! 

Penny, my moms Chihuahua Shih Tsu mix loves to go on adventures with us. She likes to stay dry though..

She only weighs 4-5 pounds and is super agile. She uses rocks and tree branches to cross the stream to keep up with the other dogs. 

And here is Maggie Mae my dog that passed away recently. She was 20 years old and loved our hikes! 

And lastly one more of the creek..

Looking back at one year ago, I hope you enjoyed this little time spent at the creek… 


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      • That’s not good! I am near Lake Saint Clare, but there isn’t many public entrances for me to go to! It’s a shame since it’s mostly owned by the wealthy people who live along the shoreline!

        • Well thats probably the reason why, they don’t want the rif raf on their shoreline. lol. I was trying to get to a cool canyon sunday, and the whole canyon on both sides were lined with these micromansions and no entry.

    • Thank you Carol, great memories. Penny is cute, she acts like a big dog, goes almost anywhere they can and if she cant make it up over a rock or if the grass is too thick she asks to be picked up and carried.