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Weymouth Oyster catchers

Weymouth is a place by the Manukau Harbour Auckland. The nearest shopping centre is in Glendon, just down the road and not far away is Manurewa. It is Southern Auckland.

There is a park going on to a beach by the Manukau Harbour and yes, people do swim here.

Well, this day I went to Weymouth the Oyster catchers were together on the rocks. Every now and then they would jump up and fly here and there. So I followed them with the camera. 

I don’t know if these birds actually eat Oysters, but they eat small living things from New Zealand waters.

The birds usually stay together in groups and resemble oysters on the rocks. They are flighty, nervous birds and make a pip pip noise as they fly. I don’t know the reason why they constantly change places or whether it is follow the leader.

The first is flying over the water, maybe it is seeking small fish?

#1 Wings up

The Oystercatcher is a fast flyer. It is not easy to get the camera to an oyster catcher by itself

#2 Banking and turning around in the air

This one banks as it prepares to land. It may have a look of doubt, but has to be near its friends in the Oystercatcher group.

#3 Focused on what its looking for

This bird is catching the air with the wings as it flies. The air carries the bird.

Flight is not only about weight it is about shape and wing capability. Planes weighing tons carry hundreds of people every day. Its all about shape

#4 Landing by the rocks by Weymouth Beach

Any fool can fly, landing is the art of flight. My Dad said that. 

#5 On course for who knows where

I think its looking for food but looking out to other oystercatchers too

#6 Landing on the rocks by other Oystercatchers

On the rocks there are rock pools with small fish and some tiny life which may interest the Oyster catcher

Those orange beaks look sharp as a needle

What do you think?

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