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New Zealand Gannets

The Gannet is a master of flight, a highly successful bird at catching fish and it is born with a lot of courage.

I am sure they have a lot of nerves, by the noisy sounds that they make while they have young in their nests and also many migrate to Australia for a while and then return. Most are Gannets of Muriwai.

I would like to know which ones you like best.

#1 Just Landed

The Gannet has just landed on it's nesting site

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#2 Pen & Ink Drawing by me of Gannet Flight

One of many Gannet Birds that are born to fly.

#3 Diving for fish food in the Waitemata

I was on a Whales & Dolphins tour that day and caught this shot, the Gannet is really lighting fast.

#4 Gannet Chicks at Cape Kidnappers

Nobody kidnapped this Gannet Chicks this is their place of birth.

Cape Kidnappers is in Hawkes Bay and it was named after a real kidnapping.

#5 Gannet over the Dark Sea

Yes, well Gannet and Tern flight, but the Tern is further away and smaller. The Tern is also very fast.

#6 Building a Nest

This Gannet shot I took last year and you can see it is a very dutiful bird.

What do you think?

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