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Saturday's Critters – Bird Life at Weymouth

I have no planned “Critters” so got something from the area of Weymouth, south Auckland.

Here are a collections of various water birds in the area.

The thumbnail is of a very territorial seagull landing to do business with the other seagulls.

I think that photographing the birds is one way of learning about them as well.

I don’t have New Zealand mammals on land to share today and all land mammals are imported from other countries.

#1 Royal Spoonbill flying over the tree tops

Quite often for no reason a bird will just fly in the air over the tree tops and circle round.

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#2 On the Tree top one Royal spoonbill

I suppose this one is so high up he is quite confident no one can get him

#3 Royal spoonbill flight

Another bird takes off and circles the the trees. 

#4 In the Tree tops

More Royal Spoonbills

#5 White faced grey herons

In the tree tops

#6 White faced Grey Heron flight

The White faced Grey Heron seems to have more purpose than the Royal Spoonbills but does he?

#7 Grey Herons Landing on branches

Landing is the art of flying and these birds do it naturally

#8 White faced Grey Heron in the water

Seeking a meal

#9 Caspian Tern flight

I don't know its purpose

#10 Caspian Tern landing amongst Oyster catchers

Possibly looking for food.

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