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My well of ideas AINT dried up :P

Lets get wet, I wish to talk and show water. So, we wash in it, we bath in it, we drink it, we make food with it, we consist of it,  we watch it, we would die with out it, it dissolves  substances, it cools down or heats up. Water is used every were and in tons of different manners. But when did you last appreciate it???

Ok all the pictures I’m about to roll out on ya ALL, is taken in Sweden Funäsdalen, between May & June and is actually, either 1 km to the right of my home OR 1 km left 😉 Non of the pics are take with any close up lenses, just used zoom 125 mm. In some of them, I’m actually standing with water up over my thighs and as you see, we still….. do HAVE snow and ice 😉 LOL which actually is water just a tad bit hmm 

Colder LOL see, my point? Ya got to LOVE water.

See how peaceful this looks, its close to the lakeside, all calm, now lets take a step out and put a toe in the water, can you feel the chills? 😉

This is Tevån and to the right of my home, this water cruise have actually heavy underlying streams that can pull you with it further down ….

So as we are already wet on our tippy tippy toes, why not just get in there?

If you look closely you can actually catch my arm in the water reflection, to the right of the picture 😉

So did i make you like water a bit more? or maybe you already did ? either way, I’m happy to share my love for water, cold, warm, calm OR wild, just as it is all by it self…. Enjoy


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Written by Karin Dahlén


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    • I toootally agree with you Kim, it is life and thank you 😀 woohoo then cheers to you, as im just sipping cold water my self 😉 Ohh my, yes i have seen your lack of water, wish i could share some with you. So Sweden waves a water filled -Hiiii California
      & thanks for looking in <3

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