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Wacky Wednesday – Monarch Caterpillar to Chrysalis

I have raised Monarch Caterpillar from tiny white egg to caterpillar to Chrysalis and then from Chrysalis to Monarch butterfly

This process is interesting. 

During the Monarch caterpillar stage, the caterpillar sheds it’s skin five times. When it sheds it’s skin it is called an Instar. Now the final Instar is when the caterpillar becomes a chrysalis. It eats and eats during the caterpillar stage and becomes large, then the caterpillar becomes restless trying to find a safe place. It sits for a while in it’s chosen place then it hangs upside down for a while and then suddenly it begins to spin. As the new green covering comes out of it’s body the caterpillar skins shrinks off its body and it hangs as a green chrysalis.

The thumbnail shows it hanging upside down.

#1 First bit of green

It seems to be watched as the light green skin forms on its head.

#2 More Green skin

It slowly forms a green skin but seems to take its time but it forms faster than you think it does.

#3 Spinning a skin

It is very hard work for the caterpillar

#4 Just about covered it.

Looks like a foot in a green sock.

#5 The former skin fallen to the ground.

Hanging by it's own thread

#6 All of these Chrysalis are monarch chrysalis except the pink one

The pink one is a "Lesser wanderer" Butterfly but that is another story.

What do you think?

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