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Top 5 Facts You Did Not Know About Yourself

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Take a look at 5 amazing facts that you did not know about yourself.

5. Your Stomach Is Really Smart

You will be surprised to know that in humans, the stomach is actually your second brain. That is the reason they say what you eat has an impact on your concentration. If you feel restless or irritated or difficult to concentrate, then it’s because you had a heavy meal.

4. Hairy As Chimps?

Something we can relate to our ancestors. Chimps have hair all over their body and so do humans. On an average we have 500 to 1000 hair follicles on per square inch of a human body.

3. Tickle Yourself? No!

Nope.. you cannot tickle yourself. This is because our brain knows what expectation we have. However for those who suffer from schizophrenia, they laugh even if they tickle themselves.

2. Do you have Stripes?

Yes even we have Stripes like most mammals, but ours are invisible. However for those who suffer from Blaschko’s Lines, you can see Stripes on their body.

1. Count without Counting? Possible?

Yes.. For smaller objects, you can count them without actually counting them ie with numbers. Generally with a group or objects of four, you do not need to count them with counting.



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