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Traf’s Trivianarium (0000051-0000060) Series 6

To all avid readers of trivia and fun facts here’s now my 6th series of my own authored compendium of

amazing and unbelievable facts compiled into series which I call myself Traf’s Trivianarium. 

These fun facts are based on my Facebook trivia page entitled

Ryan’s Believe It Or Not, inspired by Ripley’s Believe It Or Not daily comic strip of trivia.

So are you ready again guys for these 10 fun facts that I’m gonna share to you?

If you are, take time to read now and be amazed one at a  time.

Have fun reading them.

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#1 Traf’s Trivianarium 0000051

TRIVIA 0000051: Did you know that an average person produces 25,000 quarts of spit in a lifetime, which is enough to fill at least 1 swimming pool?

#2 Traf’s Trivianarium 0000052

TRIVIA 0000052: Did you know that a 2015 film Fifty Shades of Grey was banned in Kenya due to prolonged and explicit sexual scenes? 

Anyone who distributes or shows the movie is liable to prosecution. Sex scenes constitute 14 minutes and 17 seconds of the run-time.

#3 Traf’s Trivianarium 0000053

TRIVIA 0000053: Did you know that Robert Downey Jr. was suspended from school for taking someone's comics out of their hands and tearing it in half? 

That comic has the story of a character that he lately portrayed and became famous for — The Iron Man.

#4 Traf’s Trivianarium 0000054

TRIVIA 0000054: Did you know that George Washington had only one tooth when he was elected as USA's first president? 

His dentures were made from gold, hippopotamus and elephant tusks, and reused human teeth.

#5 Traf’s Trivianarium 0000055

TRIVIA 0000055: Did you know that the rarest element on Earth is astatine (At)? 

Only around 0.9 ounce (25 g) of the element occurs naturally in the Earth's crust. Astatine was first discovered by Americans Fred Allison & EJ Murphy.

#6 Traf’s Trivianarium 0000056

TRIVIA 0000056: Did you know that the world's rarest and most expensive shell is scientifically named Conus gloriamaris? 

It is also known as "Glory of the Sea", and it is found in the Pearl of the Orient Seas — the Philippines.

#7 Traf’s Trivianarium 0000057

TRIVIA 0000057: Did you know that a ribbon worm when gets too hungry simply eats itself? 

It can consume to 95% of its own body and still survive.

#8 Traf’s Trivianarium 0000058

TRIVIA 0000058: Did you know that the word "almost" is the longest word in English language that has letters arranged alphabetically?

#9 Traf’s Trivianarium 0000059

TRIVIA 0000059: Did you know that the first king of the Persian empire named Cyrus the Great has still influences on our daily lives? 

He taught us how to count by dozens, use columns in architecture, and divide the day into 2 periods of 12 hours. He was also credited as the first man to wear trousers.

#10 Traf’s Trivianarium 0000060

TRIVIA 0000060: Did you know that Les Stewart of Australia, has typed numbers 1 to 1 million manually in words on 19,990 quarto sheets? 

Starting on 1962, his target to become a millionaire became a reality on December 7, 1998.

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