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Traf’s Trivianarium (0000071-0000080) Series 8.1

It’s been a month already since I have posted my 7th series of fun facts. Now I’m back to bring you some mouth-gaping and unbelievable factoids from this Traf’s Trivianarium series which I created myself and are based on my Facebook trivia page entitled Ryan’s Believe It Or Not, inspired by Ripley’s Believe It or Not daily comic strip of trivia.

So are you ready for these 10 fun facts that I’m gonna share to you guys? If you are, take some time to read them and be amazed.

Share these trivia too to your friends and families to let them know some little secrets from around the world that we should ought to know so that we have the idea and some knowledge on some areas of studies.

Good luck and enjoy!

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NOTE: Due to missing photos of previous post of same seventh series, this article is reblogged with photos.

#1 Traf’s Trivianarium 0000071

TRIVIA 0000071:

Did you know that Jim Fixx, a man who was credited of boasting the benefits of jogging, died of a heart attack while jogging?

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#2 Traf’s Trivianarium 0000072

TRIVIA 0000072:

Did you know that otters hold hands while sleeping to keep from drifting away from one another?

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#3 Traf’s Trivianarium 0000073

TRIVIA 0000073:

Did you know that sea turtles have built-in GPS? 

They use the Earth’s magnetic field to navigate on their long and epic voyages.

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#4 Traf’s Trivianarium 0000074

TRIVIA 0000074:

Did you know that Harvard University was founded long before the invention of a Mathematics branch of study called Calculus?

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#5 Traf’s Trivianarium 0000075

TRIVIA 0000075:

Did you know that the creator of Spongebob Squarepants named Stephen Hillenburg was once a teacher of Marine Biology before he get to introduce one of the most famous cartoon characters on Earth?

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#6 Traf’s Trivianarium 0000076

TRIVIA 0000076:

Did you know that Niagara Falls can fill all the swimming pools in the United States in just 3 days?

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#7 Traf’s Trivianarium 0000077

TRIVIA 0000077: 

Did you know that hares are born with fur and can see while rabbits are born hairless and blind?

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#8 Traf’s Trivianarium 0000078

TRIVIA 0000078:

Did you know that Rebecca Sharrock of Brisbane, Australia claims to remember being photographed just 12 days after her birth? 

She has a very rare condition called highly super autobiographical memory which is found in fewer than 80 people worldwide.

#9 Traf’s Trivianarium 0000079

TRIVIA 0000079:

Did you know that last April of year 2017, an alligator was handcuffed for trespassing? 

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries officers apprehended the poor gator.

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#10 Traf’s Trivianarium 0000080

TRIVIA 0000080:

Did you know that naked mole rats can survive without oxygen for 18 minutes?

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