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Traf’s Trivianarium (0000061-0000070) Series 7

How are you guys? I think you all waited for my seventh series of fun facts and here I am now to share you another new set of amazing facts that will truly make you all wander. As what I have mentioned in my previous posts regarding this series, the following trivias are based on my Facebook page Ryan’s Believe It Or Not which is inspired by Ripley’s Believe It Or Not daily comic strip of trivia. If you are interested to learn new fun facts everyday, just click my trivia page and make sure to like and follow. I am posting fun facts there regularly. So are you ready guys to learn something new today? If you are, just scroll this page and get ready to gape your mouth open as you will learn flabbergasting facts you have never heard before. Good luck and get ready for your data storage in your brain.

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#2 Traf’s Trivianarium 0000062

TRIVIA 0000062: 

Did you know that it is believed that William Shakespeare was 46 years old around the time that the King James Version of the Bible was written?

Believe it or not, In Psalms 46, "shake"  is the 46th word from the first word and the 46th word from the last word of the chapter is "spear".

#4 Traf’s Trivianarium 0000064

TRIVIA 0000064:

In Sardinia, there is a cheese made of sheep milk that contains live maggots.

Locals in Sardinia called it Casu marzu.

#5 Traf’s Trivianarium 0000065

TRIVIA 0000065: 

Did you know that the largest cave in the world has two forests and clouds inside it?

It is so big that it houses its own river and climate inside it, with 200-meter towering ceiling, with150-meter wide and 5- km long as its volumetric earth measurement. It's even really high enough to erect 40-story skyscrapers and also big enough to house an entire city block. It is found in Vietnam and this cave is named as Hang Son Doong.

#7 Traf’s Trivianarium 0000067

TRIVIA 0000067: 

Did you know that no one knows who really named the planet Earth? 

But to Christians, the planet that we live Earth has been named by God during his first day of creation in the Book of Genesis Chapter 1 Verse 1.

Genesis 1:1

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”

#8 Traf’s Trivianarium 0000068

TRIVIA 0000068: 

Did you know that in year 1987, Alaska Airlines 737 collided with a fish mid-air?

On March 30, 1987, an Alaska Airlines 737-200 that lifted off from Juneau had a close encounter of the aquatic kind, colliding with a large fish. The fish was gripped in the eagle's talons that had crossed flight paths with the plane. The eagle must have decided that playing “chicken” with a 737 wasn’t going to end well, and quickly changed direction.

#9 Traf’s Trivianarium 0000069

TRIVIA 0000069:

Did you know that your body replaces new particles every seven years?

You are literally not the same person you were seven years ago.


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