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Thursday's Reflections – Journey of a Pied Shag

This journey takes place on Puketutu Island. Here I take photos of lots of water birds and this one is of a single Pied Shag

Puketutu Island is near Mangere Sewage works in Mangere Bridge area.

I follow the bird with my Canon EOS 7D and zoom lens. As it follows the bird, the reflections of the water go with the bird.

These photos were taken on Sunday the 7th April.

Pied Shag

The Pied Shag often dives under water for small marine animals or small fish

Pied Shag

Im not sure what it hears or sees here

Pied Shag Take off

Bird in action 

Pied Shag in motion

It moves powerful wings...

Pied Shags uses its wings to propel it forward

Not an easy take off

Here it goes

finally lifts off the water.

It did not take off on Thursday but did anyone notice the reflections?

Pied Shag Flight

The Pied Shag really works hard to get off the water, and it goes to another place to get a meal for itself.

Pied Shag turns

The bird has been deciding on what to do.

Pied Shags lifts..

The air lifts it but with great effort.

Pied Shag begins to bank..

The bird banks to the left..

What do you think?

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