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Mangere Bridge

We went yesterday to Mangere Bridge and here I show you some of the sights.

We have 2 bridges, one where I am standing taking photos is the old Mangere Bridge which was built by Joseph James, who had something to do with building this bridge a long time ago. He is also my husband’s grandfather.

The newer one that is a main highway is of 2 bridges together one going North and one going South. The story of the first bridge was all about industrial strikes and disputes, but finally it got built. The 2nd bridge was built but it took time.’

Now the old bridge has some of it closed off to the public because it is now considered unsafe. Only part of it, so some of it has a boat ramp so people can take their power boats and go fishing. and some is open so that some can fish off the wharf.

These pictures tell the story of this bridge

The thumbnail shows the side of the modern Mangere Bridge taken in last years foggy mornings over Mangroves.


#1 The Mangere Bridge Motorway

This is the main highway going north and south. At the end you are looking at the end of the Manukau harbour or one of the ends. That place is an industrial area

There is a footpath for pedestrians underneath this bridge but I wouldn't walk by yourself it is not a good idea

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#2 Looking towards Mangere Bridge town

The shops are way off and a little 10 minute walk straight ahead. Mangere Mountain is on the right

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#3 Beginning of this bridge

I am walking next to Mangroves and the towers in front are the old cement works.

I am looking at Onehunga Wharf

We are in the Manukau harbour. Auckland

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#4 A Notice

It is showing off the new plans for a brand new foot bridge between Onehunga and Mangere Bridge

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#5 More revealed

You see the platforms on the left and see the people in part, fishing. You may notice its a popular place to come with the cars parked here.

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#6 Closed off section of Mangere Bridge

Seagulls were having a picnic this day, No one bothered them

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#7 Boat Ramp

People come and go in their fishing boats.

Also shown here is the closed off section of Mangere Bridge

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What do you think?

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