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Thursday reflections – How your pet sees the world

If it’s Thursday, it’s a day of reflection shots. Anyone can join this weekly Challenge. All you have to do is to post a reflection every Thursday and put a hashtag #ThursdayReflections.

Reflection photography is a challenging kind of photography. If you have a vigilant eye you can find reflections in the most interesting places.

Have you ever wondered what is your pup seeing in the park? For many years, everyone thought the dog’s sight was in black and white. After years of tests and studies, it is now well known that our pets also see the world in color, but they do not perceive the red color, so their universe revolves mainly around the green and blue colors.

One day I tried to look into Maya’s eye and today I want to show you what I saw reflected in her eyes. It was pretty difficult to make these pictures, but it was worth the effort.

The person who was surprised in this reflection is like a reward for my effort to take this picture!

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Written by Ileana Calotescu


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