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The story of the Orangutang

I have a story about the Orangutang but this is not the one at the Auckland Zoo. I got this photo from another source but it was years ago…I cant find the link.

 In the late 1960s our Art teacher took our class to visit the Auckland Zoo to sketch the animals. I went around on my own sketching animals and then I heard a lot of them cat calling outside a cage, so I went to see this spectacle

The other teenagers my age were jeering at an Old man shivering and hiding under a blanket. He looked thoroughly miserable. I called out to him and this is what I saw. He posed for me and I told him he looked beautiful. The kids were still calling him awful names.Then after I was done sketching him I left.

The Old man or Orangutang went straight under the blanket and when the kids were sick of jeering they left.

I told Mum about it, it was my first time I saw an Orangutang.

She told me the very same Orangutang was around when she was a child. A man there pretended to give it a cigarette because he liked to smoke. When the Orangutang saw through it, it riddled on the man. Serves him right!

Now that Old man died there are more Orangutangs but they are in an open space and not that type of cage and their life is much better.

Kindness with animals does wonders!

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