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Saturday's Critters – A Collection of Birds

All of thZese photos of birds were taken at the Auckland Zoo.

I hope to go again soon, if you join the Zoo and pay a years membership every time you go you get in free.

I hope to go to other places and see New Zealand birds…but one day at a time..

The Thumbnail is the Kaka parrot that lives somewhere in the South Island and at the moment, the Auckland Zoo is the only place I can see it, but hopefully one day next year may get the opportunity to visit the South Island.

#1 Love Birds

Nothing to do with New Zealand but are in the "African Section" of the Auckland Zoo.

#2 New Zealand Woodpigeon or Kereru

This little guy greeted me when I entered the Zoo tent. It is a "She"

#3 New Zealand Saddleback

It lives in the same tent as the New Zealand Woodpigeon or Kereru

#4 Antipodes Kakariki

One bird from the New Zealand Antipodes Island. Unless I go to this Island this is the few times I will see it.

#5 Kea

Yes, these are New Zealand parrots that live in the South Island. Another reason to visit.

Be careful if you see these, they destroy the metal on cars or vehicles and also pinch the food from inside tramping packs of trampers...They have a reputation and yes, they also bite.

Hence the farmers often shot them as they kill sheep.

#6 Bell Bird

In Parks you can see these as well as Auckland Zoo.

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