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The friendship of Hummingbird

United States :  A Security Officer in Georgia welcomes a little guests ever year since past nine year. This guest is no one but  a ninja Bird, which comes to meet his friend every year.

The smallest bird in the world, Humming Bird, which is also half of the human finger, every year comes to meet his friend. The Security Officer,  Michael Cardins, states that 4 years ago he found this bird in his garden with broken wings and badly wounded and could not fly.

Michael cared for this bird and took care of her diet, after 8 weeks, when the bird recovered and was able to fly, she returned to her home.

Next year Michael saw that the bird was then on his window. This bird lives in the south away from this area and according to Michael, she had a long journey and came to meet him. After that it became her routine for every year. Every year when birds start migrating, this bird must meet his master before leaving his second home, who had saved his life.

Michael says that he meets his friend and gets a lot of pleasure and he wait for her every year.

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