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The Earthquakes!

Oh boy, we have been rockin and rollin! 

We did have a 6.4 magnitude Earthquake on the forth about 175 miles from where I live. I did not feel it but the dogs did. I was wondering why Luna was running around all hyped up, she was actually trembling. Meika raised her head from her nap, and went back to sleep. 

Let me put some perspective on this quake. You saw the images and videos of the crack on the highway, the fires, the school children screaming, the Walmart photos of merchandise on the floor. Notice how few pictures you actually saw? Because most of the damage was only structural. Those buildings are very old in that tiny town. There were a lot of frantic calls to 911 reporting injures from things falling. No deaths were recorded. NONE. 

You probably didn’t even hear about the one after that on Friday and it was bigger. Same epic center, poor old Ridgecrest. It was a 7.1. Some more fires broke out because of the antique natural gas pipelines. 

The news blows things totally out proportion to sell the story. We are expected to have over 800 aftershocks. 

I have lived all over the US. The worst and scariest thing I have seen is the tornado. You never get enough warning it seems before they hit, although Doppler Radar has made the cells apparent. 

I think it’s time to go camping, in fact a lot of people slept outside up there near Ridgecrest, just in case. 


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Written by Kim_Johnson

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    • Yup, nothing scarier. That green cloud, the feeling of being squished just from the pressure. Then bamb. Head for cover. We had twin ones part one day, and go around the resort. It tore everything up on both sides. We did get a lot of trees down.

  1. They are talking about this on NPR right now. They said they are warning of even more powerful aftershocks after last nights 7.1
    I always lived where there were earthquakes and tornadoes and hurricanes seem scarier to me also. The ’89 quake in SF was the same – the news made it look worse Be safe!


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