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Something we don’t get much of this time of year.

I was really excited when I noticed we weren’t all socked in with fog. Can you tell?

The colors are just starting to show.. I loved the little pink clouds.

The sun hasn’t come up over the horizon yet, but the colors are starting to show. A wider angle but the same clouds. They are not even moving much. They seem to hang there, just waiting……

This is looking east, still no sun yet.

Here the colors are starting to show, with the pepper tree silhouette.

One more of the pepper tree showing more sky and a wider angle.

And lastly these..tree silhouettes.

Always look up!

In the photograph below I put a rose colored filter on. The ones above are straight out of the camera. I hope you enjoyed this sunrise.

Enjoy at least one sunrise a month if you can. It’s good for the soul!


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