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Saturday's Critters – Palmer's Garden centre in Remurea

Remurea in Auckland is known as, “Old Money!”…Some people are nice and some are just plain snobs.’

Behind the people and the rich persons faces are the “Critters” that do pretty well out of the cafe at the garden centre. Mainly the sparrow, even if a sign says’ “please do not feed the birds”

Remurea people would prefer BBC english and have learned elocution at their private schools…..”Critter” is not on that list.

However the staff that serve are friendly and no one minds 2 outsiders having a coffee.

The other “Critters” that do well are people’s dogs.

#1 Sparrow with food.

Well, a certain Sparrow , "Seized the day".

Smart Sparrow.

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#2 A dog with rich owners

Eyeing me up...I don't think his owners would like the label, "Critter!" or the dog. It is a designer dog and would regard himself as rich...

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