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Royal Spoonbills & White Faced Grey Herons

I managed to capture some Royal Spoonbills and White faced Grey Herons with my camera the other day and now have some pictures to share.

These are incredible birds. Im not sure how they do it, but I think they are wonderful characters.

There are some White Faced Grey Herons that share the same tree as the Royal Spoonbills.

There is a certain pine tree in Weymouth, South Auckland, and it’s on the Manukau Harbour. This is a very popular tree for these birds. Here is a White faced Grey Heron landing.

You can always tell the Spoonbill by the spoon at the end of it’s beak except this side view but it’s eyes are very expressive

The Spoonbill is a great flier.

Here is the White Faced Grey Heron.

This bird is good at flying too.

A spectacular flier like the Royal Spoonbill.

It’s flight has many assets.

A Unique bird

And it has an audience which doesn’t  bother it at all.

More about them another time…


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Written by Pamela Moresby


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