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Rare Sighting of Stinging Rose Caterpillar!

I was out deadheading my rose blooms yesterday in Dustin’s garden. I almost touched this colorful little critter but caught myself before touching him.

I snapped a few photos of it since I have never seen one before. I went inside to start my research. Turns out it is a rare Stinging Rose Caterpillar. The little spikes will break off in your skin if you touch him and they are filled with venom! Not poisonous but you could have a skin reaction or irritation. He was such a colorful little caterpillar I wanted to touch him. But thankfully I did not. He was a welcomed visitor to Dustin’s garden.

This rare caterpillar will eventually turn into a moth. At first I thought maybe it would be a beautiful butterfly but after researching turns out this is a rare moth. This is what it will look like in the adult stage. Photo credit of this moth has been given to

You never know what you may find in your backyard. A reminder to be careful especially this time of the year. This could very well have been poisonous. We will see what happens in the next few weeks. Would be very cool to see him change into a moth.


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