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My brief hunt for Chance the Snapper

When I think of the reality of an alligator being inner city Chicago and not inside of a local zoo, it sounds humorous to me. One of the things that fueled me to do this run today was an alligator being located at a park where I normally run at which is known as Humboldt Park.

While literally enroute to the park itself, Lori Lightfoot put out a statement prohibiting locals from being at certain parts of the park. As I prepared to get out of my car to run, I saw Chicago police officers blocking off mostly the east portion of Humboldt Park which was where I had planned to do my run at. By all means, I had no interest in encountering an alligator closely, but from a distance sure. 

The alligator was named after Chance The Rapper in an online poll by the Block Club Chicago news website, beating other suggested nicknames such as Ruth Gator Ginsberg, Croc Obama, and Frank Lloyd Bite.

Respectfully I kept this run short because I did not want to cause any turmoil with Chicago police, however, after my short run I took some pictures of the beauty that lures me to this park regularly.

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Written by Thomas Gouard

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  1. Wow an alligator loose in Chicago. That must be very scary. Hope there were no injuries and that he was recaptured and brought back to the zoo. I am happy to report that we here in the Outaouais region, we do not have a zoo nearby, thus no alligators or even poisonous snakes. Our worst enemy here is the bear when he wanders in the city to rummage in the trash, the deer who comes in if he smells juicy apples, the racoons who join the bears, the squirrels a plenty and lately hares all over…

    • Yep. They captured it, thankfully, but he has made an impression on the city that will be remembered, even when people visit the park.

      Thankfully we have no bears, but we do have a different variation of animals in Chicagoland like skunks, deer, coyote, possums, wild rabbits, etc.