Monsanto skates from a felony charge

Many have claimed that the main reason former US Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein resigned in May of this year was due to his handling of the Mueller probe.  However, the real reason he resigned was due to him allowing Monsanto to skate once again on felony charges.

The crime occurred in 2014 when Monsanto workers were testing a pesticide called parathion.  The problem was that this pesticide was banned by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2013 because parathion causes permanent nerve damage.  Since Monsanto broke a federal law, then Monsanto should have been charged with a felony.

However, Rosenstein had the charges reduced to a misdemeanor this past April after five years of delayed litigation by Monsanto attorneys.  Now, you can see why Rosenstein was able to not even blink during this press conference.  Due to his incompetence, Monsanto is allowed to spray pesticides freely in Hawaii without any consequences.  If you go to Hawaii, then make sure that you do not inhale too many pesticides sprayed by Monsanto.


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