Los Penasquitos Waterfall

This is a hike my son, dogs and I took this last Tuesday. 

It was a five mile out and back hike beside a beautiful creek, ending at a waterfall.  Here is the beginning of the hike if you would like to join me from the start.

#7 Los Penasquitos Waterfall

I clicked a second too late and cut off Luna's head. 🙁 

We have to cross the fall. The water is so cold and swift. 

My son stops to say, " The rocks look like glass, so smooth and slick." He then asks if I am sure I want to cross. Well heck yeah! 

#9 The water

Looks shallow, and I guess it is, but doesn't it look about ankle deep? Nope, it was knee deep and really swift. We stayed off of the rocks, there was gravel in between them, which made it easy. I took my shoes off and put them in my bag, my son did the same. By the time we got across are feet felt like they had pins and needles poking them, it was that cold!  We made it across though and had lunch on the steps. The dogs went back and forth, it was a fun game. They were able to hop rocks. 

It was a super fun day, won't you join me for the trip back? Look for the post coming soon titled, "The way back!" 

Have a great day! 


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Written by Kim_Johnson

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