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Lagoa de Albufeira

My favourite of all the beaches I know… and I don’t know many because I am not a beach person 😉 I still prefer to walk around forests.

Lagoa de Albufeira (Portugal) was windy and cold that day. And almost nobody was there since it was out of season.But hey, I like that way 🙂 The waves are bigger, the sand doesn’t burn your feet and less likely I will get sunburn.. Just perfect 🙂

The waves push the water through the beach towards the land creating very shallow “puddle” full of tiny fishes, crabs and kids playing. I suppose that’s why it’s name.But that is in the summer season only. In winter the narrow path is dug up and no water can get in.

As I was getting back I saw that happy dog. The whole beach was his! All the waves and all the seagulls to scare.


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  1. Lovely photos, Ewa, although I would like it a little warmer, I think! Funny you mention about the name Lagoa de Albufeira. I guess lagoa means lagoon, right? Well the second part of the name comes from Arabic al-buhayra, which also means lagoon! So, Lagoa de Albufeira really means ‘Lagoon Lagoon’ 😀

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