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Happiness is finding patterns and textures in nature… Just for fun!

Last week I made a quiz on textures and patterns. I used the patterns I found in nature and asked questions about each one.

Here are the full photos here, thank you for those who took part in the quiz. It can be found here.

1. I cropped a version of this original and asked what it was.

2. Was a butterfly, some may recognize from a previous post.

3. Was kitten fur…

4. Was water.. I was actually taking photos of the bubbles as they went down this little step of a fall.

5. Was a pine cone.

6. Was my hawk friend, she was looking down at a crow that was mobbing her.

7. Was a perch my son caught.

8. Was a living statue.

9. Was a Wind scorpion, also referred to as Camel Spider or Wind Spider. I found it outside on the patio.

10. Was part of this waterfall.

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Written by Kim_Johnson