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Inspiration From Kim_Johnson: Hiking Anyone?

Living life out in nature is showing we appreciate this world. Kim_Johnson has been inspiring me to want to hike. I have been exercising three to 5 miles each day. I am eating better, and since the doctor gave me a great lung scan result, I am even more determined to hike. Will a few of my family members go hiking with me? I would hate to hike alone. I am going outside more, but hiking has become a passion. I will do it!

This is a photo at my mom’s house that I took at a different angle. It looks so peaceful.

Poem:  Hiking Inspired

Peaceful peaceful peaceful

is how to live life

Do not care about wasteful thoughts

they will bring your spirit down

Life is precious


breathe in life

and take on each day 

the happy smiling way

Put on your hiking boots

and see the wonders

of this world.


What do you think?

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Written by LaJenna


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  1. Awe LaJenna!!! How sweet is this. Both that you are ready and that I have inspired you! This means so much to me. Great painting, my dream house. A little cabin tucked in the woods. Oh and I LOVE THE POEM!! Big smiles. I can’t wait for you to go on your first one. Five miles a day is a long way. Just image all you could see in those five… Happy Hiking my friend.

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