Poetry Inspiring Or Not

Doc Anderson enjoys reading poetry so I told him I would try to write one.  Poetry can do wonders for the soul. Life maybe a little brighter after we live within poetry.             

Poem  about the grieving process

Life can be hard

when heartaches 

come our way

Life can also turn

bitterness into joyful bites

of chocolate heaven

after we send bitterness sailing

into no return 

The grieving process is different for everyone when our loved ones are taken from us   During these times of grief we can learn a lot on the way   I have lost more than one person, and have learned a lot on the way  

Carol DM from Virily has taught me a lot about carrying on after the loss of a loved one  I tell others how simply observing nature like she always does can help grieving souls  Take pictures of sunrises and sunsets  She takes pictures of birds and flowers   Carol thank you for opening my eyes to seeing how the wonders of the world can heal the heart to move forward  

  • Does poetry inspire you?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

Written by LaJenna


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