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GloTetras (2017-07-14 18-10-01a)

The photo was taken at the pet department in the Walmart at 3626 Touhy Avenue in Skokie, Illinois.GloFish, including the GloTetras, have been genetically modified to show these colors. They inherited them from their parents and will pass them on to their offspring. Because they are genetically modified organisms (GMOs), they are illegal to sell in some countries, including Canada. The fish in the photograph are a species of tetra but several other types of fish have also been modified, the Zebra Danio for one.

Although they glow under any light, certain wavelengths of light produce brighter colors. Black lights do very well in this regard.

The fish are not difficult to care for. They require the same treatment as their non-glowing versions and will do well in a community aquarium.I used ACDSee Ultimate 10.4 to adjust the lighting and boost the contrast and vibrance.

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    • Yeah, they don’t realize that these fish couldn’t survive in Canadian waters. It’s way too cold for them. Even in a small pond which might be able to sustain them, it would only be for a few months. There’s also nothing for them to interbreed with that occurs naturally there.

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