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El Salto Falls (Main Tier)

I call this the main tier because it is the biggest. A 20 foot sacred waterfall located in between two city lines. Right now it is not open to the public but plans are under way for this to become a nature trail that leads from Buena Creek Lagoon to El Salto Falls.

It would be nice to see all the trash cleaned up as it seems the falls have left abandoned by the two cities in a power struggle.

Here is the main falls pictured in the cover of this post and is 20 feet tall.

There are tons of photo opps here! Below are some friends of mine seeing it for the first time. People are shocked that live around here as many don’t even know about this beautiful fall.

I knew about it. I grew up here and we would often ride our horses or bikes to the fall and hang out for the day. I thought the one below was so cute. I love candid shots.

Five dogs and five people!

Made for a lot of interesting shots. The one below I named, “I can do it”.

Playing around.

Wider angel of this rock.

“Got to get that stick, yes, the one at the bottom!”

“I couldn’t get it!”

“Maybe if we all try”

We might have a winner…

“I had it, and Maggie Mae made me drop it.”

“And the winner is me”

Dogs are always fun to watch. Hope you have fun today.


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