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Dense Clouds ~ 365 Photos Challenge #132

A very close person to our family had called my wife this afternoon. She revealed about her anger at her husband to my wife. Well, that’s not new because she called several times a week on the same issue.

They can fight even when we visit them. All three of their grown children, even their youngest daughter married already, have long since moved away from that hottest home in the world. Who is wrong?

No one is wrong. They are good people in the sense that they are not cheats in all relationships, business, social, and household. They just different and continue to program their minds with the idea of “that’s what they are,” keep trying to remember the difference they call mistakes and keep searching for their own ugliness.

Overcasts continue to restrict them as when the clouds block out the sun. They insisted on keeping the dense clouds in place even though they had to constantly hear lightning repeating, time to time. Allowing lightning to always strike and burn everything they see or hear from their partners, even up to near forty years of their marriage. They want happiness but they always block it.

Cloudy which actually beautiful can be very painful to them, or anyone who views it as a bad thing. Such overcast is hard to get through in our minds although the actual clouds, which are always different, and that always come and go in the sky never last long over our heads.

Why don’t we let the clouds go, or come down as rain to fertilize the plants and grow the flowers? Why are we not willing to see clouds differently or feel them as different; as something so light until it can fly into the sky, or as an ocean in the sky, as inspirational forms, or whatever? Anyway, sunrise or sunset is much more beautiful because it is cloudy, is not it?

Why busy being a detective, a prosecutor, and a judge at once to determine who is wrong and not what is wrong and why?

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  1. Some people thrive on drama. It is sad to live a life like this. Before you know it, your life will be gone. What have you accomplished? I am not saying I don’t hold on to the pain of losing my son and other loved ones, but I feel this is different. I also find things to make me happy. And I realize life is short. Some people never get to that place in their lives. Some have no idea what life should be about. Peace, love and happiness.

    • I don’t know how those who live in the drama, whether aware or not, are so reluctant to get out of the stage. It seems that they see that peace, love, and happiness are fancies that cannot be achieved, just as moths that miss the moon.

  2. Sometimes I wonder why people likes to hold onto things that hurt them … and then find all sorts of excuses – “nah, it’s not worth it”, “that will be too easy on him”, “my greatest punishment for a person is to pretend to be kind to them…” – ??? That is what my friend said to me once, someone had hurt her quite badly and she continued to hurt herself more by pretending to be good to her … sometimes I just don’t understand

    • 100% of 100% of human population have mental disorders, the difference is the degree of severity. We all are sick, and the strange is generally love the pain in such a way that we do not want to heal, why? Instead of learning to enjoy peace and happiness, our ego tells us to keep the pain and take revenge even if it hurts ourselves forever. That is one form of black cloud that we want to hold in place. People who have a “wisdom system” like you will more easily overcome that common disruptions.

      • Well, I wish I have such system running when it comes to me … People usually seems to see things better when they’re not involve … when it comes to their problems, they may end up in the same cycle that they told their friends/families to walk away … :/

        It takes more wisdom and courage to realise and face your own problems and mistakes… But oh well, it’s just like that and it takes time to learn and grow

        • You are right, we know that it is easier to talk than to do, especially when the ego has been compounded with emotions and thoughts of profit and loss. From this side even trust does not work without awareness. You are also right that courage is needed to let go and learn.

  3. Your photo alone is beautiful, with great contrast and composition. Your words go to with it are inspiring. How much we miss when the clouds block out sunshine and we focus on the gray and forget the light behind the clouds that is always there — except at night, of course. Clouds add interest and beauty to the sky — even storm clouds. In stormy weather we appreciate sunshine even more. Those clouds appear in any relationship from time to time, but we don’t have to dwell on them. They soon pass if we don’t hang on to them.

    • Thank you so much, Barbara. You are right, we often miss the clouds coming over our heads, enjoying it with all the imagination, even for inspiration. In the tropics like my country, when the dry season can be very hot, many times the cloud is the hope to shade us from the sun.
      I often think, which one is bigger, cumulonimbus in the sky or in mind? What is clear, the one in the sky more quickly passed.

  4. I try to live and let live but when I see people tearing each other apart emotionally, it hurts, and I feel helpless because I can’t do anything usually. Stubborn people are always right they think lol.

  5. I always wonder what or who is hiding inside those clouds. I read a story when I was very young that clouds were like buses that carry guardian angels around. It was a childrens’ book and I looked at storms and clouds differently after that.

  6. In this case, it is never known who has the guilt to hold these clouds so long. They have to move. Separate so that no more tension is formed to cause a thunderstorm with a fatal end. Like the clouds. They divide and the sky remains clear and clear. This is my personal opinion. I know it from my own attempt to keep my family whole for 28 years.