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I can not look at you – the magic nature

The beauty of nature fascinates me, it seems that there is nothing more beautiful in the world. It can not compare with anything. These river estuaries, emerald forests and fields. Many artists and poets sing in their works the beauty of nature. How beautiful it is. In each time of year nature is beautiful in its own way be it summer, autumn, winter, or spring. But this applies not only to the time of the year, but also to the time of the day. The nature is especially beautiful at dawn and at sunset of the day. It is in these moments that you feel some kind of magic, like nature, reveals to you your whole soul.

You need to be able to capture the mood of nature. Sometimes she is agitated, sometimes angry. Man is a part of nature, and he can not not admire her, her diversity and uniqueness.


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Written by Olga N


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