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Blue Jays and Peanuts

I have been feeding the birds using my deck feeder. I started out with black oil sunflower seeds for the Cardinals. They are beautiful birds. Then I added a few unsalted peanuts to attract the Blue Jays. Their favorite food. It worked. They are much bigger birds than the cardinal and more aggressive. So, I alternate with the peanuts so they don’t take over the feeder. The cardinals are intimidated by their size and the loud hawk-like sound they make. Cardinals are also known to eat peanuts, but the ones at my feeder only eat the sunflower seeds.

I wondered what they did with the peanuts. The Blue Jays will get one, sometime two whole peanuts in their mouths and fly away to crack it open to eat. The weather is surprisingly mild today. We have snow coming tomorrow. So I ventured out and found one spot they have been using. Under my magnolia tree. Too funny. They left the evidence behind.

Blue Jays on deck feeder

Captured this cool shot of two beautiful Blue Jays on deck feeder with a peanut in his mouth through my glass doors!

©CarolDM 2018 Copyrighted Photo

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Shells left by Birds

Funny, I found one stockpile of shelled peanuts under my magnolia tree. The Blue Jays have large beaks to crack open the peanuts.

Evidence: Cracked Peanuts

These cracked peanut shells were left behind by the Blue Jays. You can see how they meticulously use their beaks to get the peanuts out.


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Written by Carol DM


  1. Wonderful post! I find blue jays cuter than the Eurasian jays (I find the latter quite intimidating, although they are beautiful too), but after I read your post, I guess that they have a similar character.