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Nectar Feeder ~ Day 199

I posted about my deck hummingbird feeder yesterday here: Ruby Throated. There is a bell shaped object in the photo and I asked if anyone knew what it was. Nobody did. So now I will show the entire feeder so you can see how the ant guard works. You can see the ant guard at the very top of the photo. You can see how hot and humid it is, there is condensation on the (mason jar) feeder. The hummingbird is a female Ruby throated. You can tell her markings are lighter than the male. The males are always more colorful. They need this benefit to attract females. Isn’t this always the case. ha!

Ants are naturally attracted to sugar as you know. I make the nectar in the feeder using one part sugar to four parts water. It is very sweet. This is what the hummingbirds like and compares to what flower nectar would be. But when you offer this to the hummers, you also attract insects like ants. They can be a nuisance. I found this bell shaped ant guard that attaches to the top of the feeder. So far I have seen no ants. Makes things so much easier for me and the hummingbirds.


365 Photos Challenge Day 199

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  1. I was pretty close to guessing yesterday. I thought it was a feeder.
    Now I know what is right.
    Your idea is great.
    I’m going to think of a similar gripper for wasp that I’m bumping around a mature grapes.

  2. Nature always finds away around human constraints! Next will be the harmony of bees and ants working together. The ants tending the ground around plants so they grow better. The bees landing in bird feeders and having some of the food stick to them, and fall to the ants below as they fly away!

  3. I don’t know if it’s true but I read once that the yellow in the flowers of the feeder make it more likely to attract wasps. It suggested usnig fingernail polish to paint them red. Again, I have no idea if there’s anything to this.

        • My question probably sound stupid…
          Thank you for explaining, I got so curious because I had a so call “anti-ant” plate but still I see a few ants on it … :/
          I guess they can’t have chemicals on it because it’s for putting food.

          • There are never any stupid questions. I am glad you asked, now you know! And I forgot to add the part about the vaseline in my post, so that helps as well to keep the ants away. That is right, no chemicals. And I have to be careful where I put the vaseline, if the hummingbirds get around it, their wings can get stuck and they could die. I always am careful to put it underneath the bell. But even doing all of this, sometimes ants can still ge two the feeder. But it is the best option I have found.

      • Thanks a lot for explaining!!
        Now I could imagine how it works!!
        Yeah, I believe there is hardly any “super-proof” way so it’s good enough if it keeps most of the ants away!!


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