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Birch Trees at Sundown – Which Is Best?

On my walk the other night I took several photos of these birch trees as the sun was going down. I liked the delicate birch branches in the fading sunset. But I don’t know which photo is the best one. I’m hoping you will help me decide. Think about which photos show the shapes and colors to the best advantage. Which photo is best composed? If you could choose one to hang as a print in your home, which one would it be? I rather expect people to choose different photos, but I expect the best ones will rise close to the top. Please help me with this. Please use the comments to tell me why you chose as you did.

#1 Photo A: One Birch Tree at Sundown

It's rather hard to capture the tree and sunset without getting some of the tops of the houses, since this is a residential street in my neighborhood. Do you like the silhouette effect of the tree?

9 points

#2 Photo 4: Treetops at Sundown

We can still see the corner of a rooftop on the left,  but we see mostly clouds and trees in this photo. 

7 points

#3 Photo 3: Vertical – Birch Trees at Sunset

Here we don't see as much of the rooftops as in Photos 1 and 2, and the orientation has changed. 

6 points

#4 Photo 6: Birch Tree Silhouettes above the Rooftops at Sundown

If you like this shot best, please vote it up. If you don't, please vote for the photos you do  like best so they go to the top. 

6 points

#5 Photo 2: Several Birch Trees at Sunset

The sun is not as bright in this photo as in Photo 1, since it is falling below the roof line. 

5 points

#6 Photo 5: Birch Trees at Sunset

We still see part of the rooftops here, but we don't notice them too much because the trees and clouds stand out more. The trees appear to lean more than they do in the other photos. Do you like that effect?

5 points

What do you think?

25 points


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