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Bayer & Monsanto appeals $25 million verdict

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Yesterday, Bayer has appealed a previous verdict to the US federal appeals court.  The case in question is a $25 million (USD) verdict given by a California court to a plaintiff that obtained cancer from continued use of the weedkiller Roundup, manufactured by Monsanto, a company owned by Bayer.

However, it appears that Bayer could possibly win this appeal because the EPA does not consider the herbicide to be a carcinogen even though there are currently over 42,000 lawsuits currently in litigation in courts throughout the world against the company.

Another form of reasoning that Bayer is using is that the case should not have went to trial.  The case should have just disappeared.  Nevertheless, the plaintiff’s cancer did not go away which discredits the logic used by Bayer.


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    • For now, they are dancing around all of these lawsuits. They are really looking to get a case to the US Supreme Court and receive a ruling in their favor which would then wipe out all of the other lawsuits.

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