Bayer and Monsanto hope plaintiff dies before trial

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Out of the over 50,000 cases filed against Bayer due to RoundUp, the herbicide manufactured by Monsanto, there is one case that shows how callous Monsanto really operates.

Lawyers in California are attempting to fast track a case that is scheduled to begin on May 5.  The plaintiff in the case obtained cancer from using RoundUp over the years.  However, the plaintiff is scheduled for a bone marrow transplant in March.  The attorneys on behalf of the plaintiff are looking to move the deposition up so that the litigant will be strong enough to tell the judge and the jury his side of the story.

 However, the survival rate for a bone marrow transplant is 62 percent.  Nevertheless, Bayer, the owner of Monsanto,  will take those chances by looking to keep the start of the trial date on May 5.  If the plaintiff dies, then the case will be thrown out.


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